We all want to improve but at times its hard!

We believe that online learning should make acquiring skills and knowledge much easier by being more engaging and enjoyable. Our aim is to foster a community that think knowledge sharing should come first. We will support this community by providing a platform where personal and social interactions are part of every learning experience

The Founders

pic of Stuart Jay Raj

Stuart Jay Raj

Stuart is fluent in 13 languages and has more than a passing familiarity in more than 15 other languages. For 20 years he has combined his language abilities and unique skills in communication and learning to develop effective and engaging training systems. In this time he has helped a wide range of internationally-renowned organisations, governments and other industries including oil and gas, modern trade and NGO’s. It is this passion for learning that is the foundation upon which Jcademy is based.

Pic of Stefan Thorpe

Stefan Thorpe

Stefan is a cloud computing expert and technical evangelist. With 15 years’ hands-on IT management experience, he is a proven systems architect and has built systems for a series of cross-functional multi-million dollar projects. His work has provided clients, from well-established international corporations to start-up firms, with scalability, stability and major cost savings. His skillset includes strategic planning and business development.

Pic of Andrew Stotz

Andrew Stotz

Andrew Stotz is an award-winning chartered financial analyst with 20 years’ experience working with various investment banks. He is the CEO of A. Stotz Investment Research, an independent research firm, which helps companies improve their financial performance as well as helping individuals through portfolio management. He is the serving president of CFA Society Thailand, a university lecturer in finance, and has authored two books.

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