Cracking The Thai Consonants

The Thai writing system is an elegant and logical system that fits like a glove with with the spoken language. Rather than a linear string of seemingly random letters and sounds, the Thai consonants are designed in a matrix forming a map of the human mouth. This is based on the Indic Brahmi system.

‘Cracking the Thai Consonants’ builds on Stuart Jay Raj’s ‘Cracking Indic Based Scripts’ course in the 'Cracking Thai Fundamentals' suite. By the end you will have mastered all of the Thai consonants and know how they function together with the sound and tone rules of Thai.


  • Learn all of the Thai consonants
  • Understand how sounds change and how they relate to each other in the Thai writing system
  • Build a platform in your mind that will enable the easy implementation of the Tone rules in Thai
  • Understand why many different letters have the same sound
  • Understand where the consonant classes in Thai come from
  • Start to develop a more 'Thai style' of writing

You will also become intimately familiar with the Thai version of Stuart Jay Raj’s Indic consonant compass and will be accessing it throughout the course for a deeper understanding of the principles. It is recommended that you purchase a children’s Kindergarten Thai Alphabet workbook that has traceable letters. If possible, find an ‘angled letter’ version อักษรตัวเหลี่ยม and also have a blank exercise book to hand for practicing your handwriting.

Pre-requisite courses:
  • Preparing to Crack the Thai Fundamentals
  • Thinking in Meanings
  • Cracking Indic Based Scripts
  • Cracking the Thai Vowels

Cracking The Thai Consonants

Cracking The Thai Consonants Part One