Preparing to Crack the Thai Fundamentals

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This is the first lesson in the 'Cracking Thai Fundamentals' suite and I want people to be able to jump into the Thai language head first. In order to do that, I have put this first lesson together to ensure you develop some core skills that will enable you to learn Thai much more efficiently as you soak the language up from your environment, retain it and then put it back into practice. In this lesson you will take part in interactive activities that will prepare your mind, body and environment.

During the lesson you will:
  • Learn to hear tones, consonants and vowels as Thais hear them
  • Become aware of sound, and muscle memory paradigms from your mother tongue that may hinder Thais’ ability to understand you when you speak Thai
  • Develop a learning regime both at home and ‘in the field’ to help maximise learning
  • Start to see and hear things around you in a much more ‘Thai’ fashion.

No matter whether you have just stepped off the plane for the first time in Thailand or you are a veteran in the Kingdom, ‘Preparing to Crack the Thai Fundamentals’ is sure to bring many "aha!" moments as your body starts to tune into the environment in a way it has never done before.
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