Get the training results you want from your staff

Jcademy is the online training platform for your organization.
We help you deliver training to your staff when and where you need it.

Why Jcademy?

We all want to improve and learn, but at times it's hard! We believe that online learning should make learning easier by being more engaging and enjoyable. Engage your staff with an easy-to-use interactive environment and they will keep returning and improving.

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Improved Sales and Revenue

Skilled employees lead to happy customers! It's our aim to develop your employees' skillset in the most efficient way possible.

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Flexibility and Hosting

Every corporation can host their own private custom content as well as having access to all our public courses. Our system is flexible and adapts to your training needs.

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Access to Industry Experts

Our interactive courses and webinars provide an enhanced level of access to industry experts. Skyrocket your employees' understanding to new levels!

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Intelligent Tracking and Analytics

Track smartly and guide your employees' progress using the latest learning management systems.

Got Any Questions?

What’s an Active User?
An active user is any user who logs in during the billing month. Once a user logs in for the month they count as one of your active users and they can log in as many times as they wish for the rest of the month.

What if I go over my tier plan?
Each additional user who logs in beyond the subscribed tier level will be invoiced at $4.75 per additional user. For example, if the organization is paying for the 300 active user tier and 305 users log in during the course of the month, an additional fee of $23.75 (5 x $4.75) will be added to the next invoice.

Can I change my tier plan when I need to?
Absolutely. If during the course of a billing month you decide that your organization needs to go up a tier level, then you can. We will simply invoice for the difference between what has already been paid for the current month and the new tier level. If you decide that your organization needs to go down a tier level, then this can be done at the start of the next billing cycle. When moving up a tier level there is a minimum two month requirement at that tier level before changing again.

Do you have any more questions?
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