Cracking Thai + Thai Bites

In this Cracking Thai Fundamentals + Thai Bites bundle, you get all the benefits of Stuart Jay Raj's foundational flagship course 'Cracking Thai Fundamentals', as well as the practical implementation of CTF knowledge in bite-sized video lessons.

This is broken down into five categories: Speaking and Pronunciation; Culture; Grammar; Writing Colloquial Thai; and Slang. There are hundreds of pieces of content and more is continually added over time to ensure that this is a staple part of your Thai study regime.

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Created by Stuart Raj

Stuart Jay Raj provides highly effective online and mixed learning solutions for language learning and development of cross cultural communication and business skills.

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Preparing to Crack the Thai Fundamentals

'Preparing to Crack the Thai Fundamentals' is the first course in the 'Cracking Thai Fundamentals' suite by Stuart Jay Raj.

In this module, you will learn how to prepare:

  • Mentally
  • Physically
  • Your Environment

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Thinking in Meanings

How much does your mother tongue influence how you perceive and build meaning?

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Cracking Indic Based Scripts

This is the lesson you wished for when you first started learning.

This is, without a doubt, the most important module in any learning series for a language with an Indic-based writing system.

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Cracking the Thai Vowels

So far we have learnt how the "engine" of the Thai script works - that is, it is based on the Indic abuguida system.

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Thai Bites

Thai Bites are bite-sized lessons on Thai language and culture, which are based on the foundation laid by Stuart Jay Raj's flagship 'Cracking Thai Fundamentals' programme.

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Cracking The Thai Consonants

The Thai writing system is an elegant and logical system that fits like a glove with with the spoken language. Rather than a linear string of seemingly random letters and sounds, the Thai consonants are designed in a matrix forming a map of the human mouth. This is based on the Indic Brahmi system.

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