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Jcademy Universe

For just $8.99 per month you get access to all of Jcademy's public courses

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Why Jcademy

We all want to improve and learn, but at times it's hard! We believe that online learning should make education easier by being more collaborative, engaging and enjoyable. Our aim is to provide you with a learning environment that is easy-to-use, social and interactive. Jacademy's aim is to provide you with rich, valuable and interesting content. Jcademy Universe is our answer to that and for a low monthly fee you will gain access to all current and future courses.

why choose jcademy

Untethered Learning

There is a whole world, no, a whole Jcademy Universe of learning and we want to make it available to you! We may be small at the moment, but we have big plans and this is your opportunity to get ahead of the pack. Our team are working to source the best teachers, tutorials and courses to add to the site and this package will unlock all of those lessons. By signing up now you are also guaranteed the lowest price for the next 12 months.

why choose jcademy

Unlock your potential

Jcademy Universe is about unlocking your potential. The Jcademy Universe subscription has been designed to untether you from worrying about the cost of learning. Now with one low-cost monthly fee you get access to every public course available.


What is available?
Whilst your subscription is active you get unlimited access to all the public courses.

What kind of courses are currently on the website?
Right now our courses are primarily focused on languages, because that is our leading speciality. We are proactively seeking new and more diverse courses to add to our site.

Are there any other costs involved?
Absolutely not, you only pay the monthly fee.

How regular is the payment?
Payments are taken on the same date every month. If you sign up on the 19th of May the following payment will be on the 19th of June.

Are there any time limitations on accessing the courses?
No. With the subscription package you are able to access the Jcademy Universe at all times.

Will my price plan change at all ?
The price you pay monthly is fixed for the first year. In the future as we diversify and add more courses, our subscription package for new users may increase to pay our online tutors.

Do you have any more questions?
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